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WHY Second Income

No Job security, Job is too time consuming, don't love the job, cannot earn enough for contingency in future, one's own business.

Do any of the concerns seems common? Then you are on right place now.

90% of the employee imagine of having their own business...hardly 0.01% of the service class ends up with their dream business.

Reasons and Constraints

Why individual cannot fulfil dream of owning a business?

  • Low risk appetite and no spare capital to invest
  • No time for business
  • Lack of experience and expertise
  • Restricted by service clause

Having understood the challenges closely we started to help all those who aspire to own a business one day.



We are committed to fulfil your dream.

We help you fulfil your dream. We bring likeminded people together and make the part of the business they wish to undertake. Business is rub by us with the help of experienced existing brands. We have ample opportunities but we suggest broader categories for the simple reason that they are sustainable businesses and are for long term.



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