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Ans. Yes. This initiative has been started to support fulfil dreams of service class people only who cannot run a business because they are bound by the service clauses, have low risk appetite and not much time to spare.

Ans. Now is the time. Take the first step. Just register yourself and explore the opportunities.

Ans. Depending upon the nature of the business the contribution will be divided into two parts. One-time (capital exp) and ongoing expenses

Ans. Partners of any and every unit will be individual from service class. By the very nature of their job they cannot enter into partnership or

ownership hence their spouse or parents would become the legal partners in the unit.

We would manage the business on your behalf. Though we would welcome suggestions but will not entertain interference from any one so that everyone is treated at par.

Ans. We have our ways to control fraud and leakages. Additionally Partners are owner of their unit hence will enjoy the right to inspect and audit. Any suggestion will be welcome and implemented unit wise.

Ans. Every business requires time to settle down hence will have lock-in period.

Ans. We are here to support you fulfil your dream of owning a second income. Since you do not have time, expertise and spare money you cannot start your individual business in own capacity. We use expertise of the existing brand and power of collaboration. By doing this we diversify the risk, use knowledge of the existing brands hence are in better position to run the business on your behalf.



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