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About Second Income


This idea took shape when we saw lot of families devastated once the job of main bread earner is lost. Lot of suicides because of this job loss and no one is there to support. (Read article section on suicides because of job losses)

There are always ups and downs in life. Be it business or Service no one remains top performer always. There will be time when individual is in best and worst of his career. During the crisis time there is no support since we have not created a backup for our self.

We also saw that once in service, individual looses the capacity to take risk and do not have much time to think about second source of income.

Considering all ills of jobs we took the step to help every individual who are willing to take that first step needed to create a back up for self and family.

We at second income act as facilitators in fulfilling your dreams. We believe in creating a worry free environment for each of you so that you can give best in your job without worrying about the job loss or underperformance. We believe in creating a backup for jobs that are always at risk and depend on the gimmicks of the bosses.



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